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My relaxation massages with a sensual touch.

I offer a wide range of therapeutic services designed to relax you, pamper you and improve your well-being. Choose from my  selection or personalize your treatment. I  work  would be happy to work with you to create an individual arrangement that best suits your needs. The slaunge is a  premium massage parlor  in Amsterdam  and I  spoil  you with pleasure. View the options below.


60 min. for €100

Characteristic of my Esalen massage are the large connecting strokes supplemented with many other techniques from Swedish massage, pulsing, deeper tissue massage and other massage forms. The biggest difference with the Swedish massage is that the Esalen techniques mainly consist of working with the whole body.
The strokes are done with the whole arm instead of just the hands. As a result, the masses experience a much greater contact and energy exchange with the masseur. The relaxation is more intense and so is the enjoyment of greater physical contact with the masseur.
The body to body contact can also be experienced. The masseur lies naked on the masse in a flowing movement from the feet to the head.  As a result, a large energy exchange takes place between the two. This act has a healing effect on your well-being.

esalen massage.jpeg


80 min. for € 150,-

My Tantra men's massage is mainly a relaxation massage  with Tantra techniques.  To explain what Tantra  I will first briefly tell you what Tantra actually is and what it is originally intended for.

Tantra is used by religions in India to get in touch with yourself for the  'relief'. This requires relaxation, surrender and meditation. To aid in this process, the  7  chakras  energy points on the meridian of the body.

The first chakra, the tailbone  chakra, gets extra attention here because this energy point also represents your sensuality and your earthly sexuality. By paying attention to the sensual energy, you can  practice  and concentration orgasms occur without ejaculation. This orgasmic energy is used to literally move into higher realms.


from the West, this form of sensual ecstasy was seen as 'inappropriate', and was banned. Yet the westerners secretly took  acts of Tantra to revive their sex life. But with the difference that sex was linked to it and not the original sensual ecstasy.

After this brief information about Tantra I would like to clarify that I use the original Tantra techniques for the original purpose. Here I add my  Esalen  massage technique to let you relax and to get used to each other. To feel my energy and to transition to pure connection if it feels that way. I use your sensual energy. I let you experience this through massage techniques all over your body. I can work in an intimate and connecting way. But only if it's intuitive on both sides  feels. 

tantra massage.jpeg


80 min. for €150,-

My prostate massage is a relaxation massage of the whole body  with the aim of an internal orgasmic experience (injaculation) by means of  massage and stimulation. The sensual energy  that is thereby released to be experienced throughout the body. Instead of a local ejaculation you can  experiencing a total bodily injaculation comparable to a  orgasm  of the woman.
The difference with one-time ejaculation is that a prostate orgasm can be experienced several times in succession. Without energy loss.
Relaxation, surrender and trust are of great importance for this. Especially on a first acquaintance  with you  prostate, patience and practice will be essential.
The most important part of a prostate massage is to eliminate stress, read relaxation. Success  or failed  is not an issue for me. It has and always gives effect. 
My prostate massage can be arousing and sexually stimulating. The feeling of ejaculating is enhanced. However, my goal is to make you experience an orgasm.
Let go and enjoy the moment without judgment. Shout, sigh, support and make physical contact with me, this can create a connection between the two energies that  will stimulate an orgasm. Passively undergoing this massage can lead to disappointment.
NB; I can give no guarantees that you will go and orgasm  experience, this depends too much on various factors.

prostaat massage.jpeg


100  min. for €220,-

Discover you together  'being a man'...
Exploring  fine and perhaps sensual spots by means of relaxation massage.
Always curious about what it's like to be touched by a man and to be intimate with each other?
The explore massage is a mix of techniques that can be used such as; 
†  esalen,  tantra,  prostate  stimulation.
During the massage I am also naked and I can also be fact...if you feel the need  wanting to massage me is also possible. Everything revolves around you and ultimately your well-being

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