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relaxation  massages for stylish men by an experienced masseur.

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Awaken Your Manhood

relax with me

Visit me, Rob, in my  sophisticated accommodation based in Amsterdam. I'm  specialized in prostate stimulation, customized treatments that my  helping clients find inner peace in a serene atmosphere. Take a seat on my self-developed, unique, massage table.
Since I  mine  opened doors  in 2006  delivery  I  mine  clients professional, deeply relaxing treatments. Try it yourself!

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Large, heated, massage table with 350 rubber stress balls.

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My massages can be experienced as sensual.

My massages are distinguished by total  touch  without prudishness.

Sometimes you meet people with whom you click immediately, it feels familiar and you feel welcome.

It is quite normal to be tense at the first meeting. I'm just as curious about you as you are about me.

My loyal customers have seen my growth as a masseur. There is room to talk about personal things and massages are more intense and offer room for affection.

WHAT I  ACTUALLY  WANT TO SAY... that every relationship needs time to develop. 

The same is also true in the relationship that I as   masseur  build up with my clients.

Shopping around at other problem.

By experiencing what is offered elsewhere, you gain insight into what suits you best.

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Mature Businessman

Leo, from Groningen

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your "treatment" yesterday. I experienced things that I did not expect before; Incidentally, I also did not experience things that I might have expected before. All in all, surprising.
I'd love to come back to you again, preferably when it freezes..... Still have a lot to ask and learn.



Make a reservation with me.

Daily opened 
from 12:00 p.m. until 9 p.m.

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